Edible Organic Seedlings for Tower Gardens, Pots and Earth Gardens

Accelerate Growing Your Own Food with These Hardy Organic, Ready-to-Plant Edible Veggie, Fruit, and Herb Seedlings from Edible Seedlings San Diego

Nearly 800 organically grown/non-GMO edible fruit, veggie, herb and flower seedlings are available for pickup by appointment or mail delivery mostly in California from our seedling farm in San Diego, CA for your aeroponic Tower Garden food growing system, dirt or container garden.

They can also be planted in our new hydroponic, solar Veggie Garden2go compact food and pot growing system (left photo) that is now available. Both growing systems are now being used to grow the rare and endangered American ginseng medicinal herb as part of a challenge to see if it can be grown outside of its normal deep forest cool environment. The test will be ongoing over the next few years and you can check on our growing progress by clicking here for ginsengcalifornia.com.

It's very difficult to grow and a slow growing plant that is in short supply around the world. If successful, we will start offering seedlings with directions so you can grow your own if you are in the right location.

No toxic chemicals, artificial oil-based plant food, or harmful pesticides are used to grow these very healthy and hardy seedlings.

Instead of waiting two to six weeks or more and hoping your seeds germinate, then grow large enough to transplant to your garden, you can now speed up that process to grow more delicious and safe food faster with our organic, non-GMO 1"- 5" tall seedlings that are ready to plant.

Please contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor and trainer Deris Jeannette for more details, make an appointment for pickup, or ask about shipping by mail using the order links below: deris@towergardener.com, or call 619/990-7977.

The unique dual solar powered seedling growing system is custom designed by ClearDome Solar Thermal in San Diego, California. All plants are started and grown in rock wool plugs (processed, spun volcanic rock fiber), not potting mix or soil, and outdoors in sunlight exceeding organic standards using a solar powered pump that circulates aquaponic water mixed with the outstanding Tower Tonic pure dissolved mineral nutrients, available only through the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ online store.

If you are not growing your own pure and healthy food or medicinal cannibus at home using an aeroponic growing system, have a look at this web page for five easy tips on how to simplify and speed the growing process. You will also learn about two new easy-to-use compact growing systems--one hydroponic and one aeroponic.

And, have a look at this remarkable detailed scientific study from the University of Mississippi that was recently published showing an increase of yield by up to 65% for eight different types of greens and other food plants compared to the same types of field grown plants.

It also shows that Tower Garden grown food plants have comparable or better phenolics, flavonoids, and antioxidant properties as the same field grown plants when picked a peak ripeness. While the study did not mention how much loss of these properties there is when food plants are picked 1-2 weeks before they are ripe, as are most store-bought food. Plus, it did not mention the loss of flavor or vital nutrients, which by many estimates can be as much as 30-40% by plants picked before their prime.

Growing your own fresh food at home with a Tower Garden means you always will get maximum ripeness, critical plant properties, taste and nutrition with no harmful chemical toxins from synthetic oil-based fertilizers or non-organic plant sprays.

Use these PayPal order links to place your order online for any currently available seedlings. The small quantity order link is for a minimum of six and a maximum of 15 Tower Ready Seedlings in one order, which cost $1.50 each. The large quantity order is for a minimum of 10 Tower Ready Seedlings and a maximum of 18, which cost $1.45 each. the shipping cost is shown on the order pages. When available, strawberries cost $3 each. Please change the default number "one" in the order box to the number of seedlings you plan to order. If you don't want to use the PayPal order links, we can also send you a PayPal money request by email for the total amount.

We will normally stock at least 20-25 or more of the most popular varieties of seasonal Tower Garden approved veggies, fruits (strawberries and melons), herbs and edible flowers, available all year. And many seeds will be high quality heirloom varieties from around the world and selected for excellent taste. Our selection can change often, so check by phone or email to see what is now available.

Orders will normally be shipped only on Monday or Tuesday each week to insure maximum 2-3 day shipping by priority mail mostly in California. Some orders could be departure delayed by possible bad weather holds. Check with grower and Tower Garden Trainer Deris Jeannette by phone or email for questions, a list of the currently available selections, and to pass on any special or hard to find seedling requests.

You can have us select a random choice of tasty seedlings or you can tell us what you prefer, and any that are not in stock can be substituted for other choices. Please type in how many of each seedling should be selected in the "comments" box on the bottom of the PayPal order page when you place your order. For multiple box orders, shipping cannot be combined because each box is sent separately for plant safety. Remember to type in the total number you want to order, and that orders will only be shipped to California customers.

-Remember to use the comments box to tell us if you want
a random or personal preference choice of plants-

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Besides over 40+ favorite food plants most gardeners like to grow, like heirloom tomatoes from Italy, celery, red and green lettuce, kale, chard, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, melons and herbs like basil, mint, dill, and even edible flowers, we also constantly locating unusual organic/non-GMO plant variety seeds from around the world that you might not be familiar with but would love to grow and taste. And we will even consider growing edible plant seeds you have always wanted to start but had poor luck growing or could not find.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ (right photo) uses the most advanced aeroponic gardening technology to grow over 35 types of veggies, fruits, many herbs, and flowers 50% faster than growing in earth or hydroponically. No dirt or planting mix is needed because plant roots grow in air, gently flushed by recirculated water and dissolved minerals called Tower Tonic.

It is a professional, industrial grade vertical growing system now being used to grow local fruits, herbs (including medicinal herbs) and veggies for numerous restaurants, schools and large urban farms around the country. Many thousands of new Tower Gardeners around the country have been growing their own delicious food at home started from seeds or seedlings bought from stores, which are usually not organically grown.

If you do not yet own a Tower Garden and would like to learn how it can grow your own delicious, highly nutritious food and medicinal herbs please click here for more information.

For upcoming public Tower Garden demonstration dates in San Diego, California, including our monthly Saturday afternoon (left photo) organic seedling sale/introduction to Tower Garden and JuicePlus+ in San Diego, or any TG related questions contact San Diego distributor and trainer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call him at 619/990-7977.

Towergardeners can Power Your Tower with Solar energy, Extend the Growing Seasons, and Protect Plants From Weather Extremes, Bird and Animal Intrusion

Tower Garden distributors or customers that have already purchased their aeroponic Tower Garden from Juice Plus+ now have more ways and new ideas on to extend the food growing season in summer and winter, eliminate plant loss and damage from birds, animals, loss of power, and thermal or wind damage on extreme hot and cold days, thanks to ClearDome Solar Thermal in San Diego, CA.

And we now have two highly efficient Tower Solar Pump Kits available, right photo, for keeping the water flowing during power outages and growing off the grid, without the need to plug into wall power. Click here to learn more.

While some of these attachments like the Tower Greenhouse or ClearDome Towernet can also be used with earth, box or pot gardens, these products are specially designed for the Tower Garden by ClearDome Solar Thermal and are not available anywhere else. The complete Tower Garden Food Growing system and a number of other standard Tower Garden options are available to order online from the same web page where you placed your original order so we suggest looking through those items first because many can be used with our add-ons.

More new products are upcoming, including a compact portable Veggie Garden 2go hydroponic growing system for many rooted, medicinal and seasoning herbs and spices, and other plants you can't or don't want to grow in Tower Garden. We encourage any new ideas for improving your Tower Garden growing experience, so tell us what kinds of product add-ons would by helpful, or send your questions by email to product designer Deris Jeannette: deris@towergardener.com

ClearDome Tower Greenhouse for severe weather protection-

To help protect food growing plants in winter, our portable, collapsible ClearDome Tower Greenhouse will completely surround your Tower Garden to increase inside solar heating in daylight by as much as 40 degrees F, help preserve warmth at night, and protect against wind, hail and snow storms, and increase humidity levels, even with the optional Tower Garden Tomato Cage in place. Plants have ample room to grow out or above the optional cage, or you can attach your own plant support lines or plastic to the 7 foot tall galvanized metal frame poles to support branches or food. There's even enough room for plants to grow above two additional tower plant section add-on extensions.

Our simple easy-to-assemble design (shown in the top two photos above) allows you to push the bottom of the galvanized metal frame poles into optional plastic sleeves pushed into dirt or sand, or attach them to the included metal support stand (left) when on flat, level ground. The Tower Garden sits directly over the stand base to better secure the frame. Both configurations provide ample wind support and can be dis-assembled in about 10 minutes.

We use one of the most durable (rated minimum 4-5 years use) UV-treated, highly transparent clear greenhouse film that completely surrounds the frame poles which allows 92% of full spectrum sunlight to pass through to the plants. It is easily installed and removed with attached grommets at the top and removable push-on pole clips on the sides so you can partially or fully open to check the plants, harvest food, add water, or remove the film and add our optional Thermal Barrier Fabric (shown below) to reduce the plant and water temperatures on warm days.

Towernet repels birds and critters

Our new custom ClearDome Towernet, right photo, is now available to prevent hungry birds and animals like deer, raccoons, or pets from eating your tasty food. However it will still allow small pollinating flying insects to pass through.

Towernet is a lightweight, but strong wide-weaved (1") non-toxic UV resist plastic net that can be supported by the Tower Greenhouse frame, left photo, the optional Tomato Cage (ordered from the Juice Plus+ Tower Garden web store) or your own support structure. When supported by our Greenhouse Frame it and the other fabrics are farther from the plants so they have more room to grow.

It can also be used to support vine plants like peas, beans or cucumbers. It comes in three sizes: small, to support vines without the frame, the standard fully assembled Tower Garden size, a larger 10' x 25' net and a discounted bulk order size starting at 10' by 30' or longer, for even larger uses-- for multiple Tower Garden or other assorted garden or camping uses. Flying insects that pollinate blooming plants can still reach the plants through the net.

Use the PayPal order links below to place your order. To order bulk Towernet, it comes 10' wide by a minimum of 30' and maximum of 100' long. Multiply the length times the width to figure how many square feet you need and type that number in the quantity box.

For increased freeze protection, add water heater to tank.

An optional 200 watt aquarium tank water heater should be used to keep water in the ideal 60-70 degree F temperature range, and can be ordered from pet supply outlets or soon on main Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ order page when available. The heated water radiates from the Tower and adds about 7-10 degrees to the air temperature inside the greenhouse at night.

On cold winter sunny days when the greenhouse film is completely closed, inside temperatures will stay about 30-40 degrees warmer than the outside air. By opening the film slightly the temperature will drop about 10 degrees from that. Open even more and the temperature drops more, so it's easy to regulate the temperature and reduce humidity on dry days to keep your plants comfortable and maximize growing. In warmer areas like the Southern States, food can be grown all year if cool or warm season plants are grown at the right time of year.

Here's an added bonus if you also have an earth, box or pot garden and want to protect the plants from severe weather problems: If the the same greenhouse support poles are assembled slightly different from the standard tower design, the length of the tower will extend horizontally instead of up. Thermal Barrier Fabric can be attached for better hot weather protection and ClearDome Towernet can be attached to prevent bird, rodent and animal intrusion.

We're finished over two years of intensive testing and final improvements to the prototype ClearDome Tower Greenhouse design and it and the fabrics are now available to purchase by using the PayPal order links below.

Please click the down button in the box for discounted options when you add either of the two fabrics to your Greenhouse order. Plus, we will pay the additional shipping cost when either of the options are selected. You can also order just the fabrics without the greenhouse. Allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery. As the product demand increases, please check on current availability.

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Reduce summer heat & wind with Thermal Barrier Fabric-

In the warmest summer months, our reflective
ClearDome Solar Thermal Barrier Fabric will reflect 70% of the sun's heat away from plants while allowing 45% of strong, filtered sunlight pass to through. It works best when suspended above the plants about one to four feet, on our Tower Greenhouse Frame, on a patio cover, or wooden frame. It is attached to the greenhouse frame in this photo, but only on two of the four sides facing south, which is the front sun exposure of the Tower Garden.

We suggest not completely covering the north, east and west sides of the Tower to allow unfiltered early morning and late afternoon direct and reflected sunlight on the plants, shown in the back side close-up photo. Also, to reduce any chance of catching or breaking a branch and dislodging fruit, the fabric should not be laid directly on the plants or tower.

Click to order Tower Thermal Barrier Fabric only, two sizes

Covering only the top and south facing front side reduces the hottest midday solar heat, which could damage plants. The included plastic pole clips can be attached to the fabric for securing it to the Tower frame. This fabric can also be used for wind protection when used on the windy side of the Tower. It slows 30 MPH wind to about 3-5 MPH, which will help many plants survive. The Tower Frame is sturdy enough to withstand moderate winds.

Increase backside growth-

To add more sunlight to the plants on the shady side of your Tower Garden-- which will increase growth-- our super 85% reflective Snow White CoolTarp is easy to attach, is non-toxic, and very durable. It's 15-20% more reflective than white paint, is easy to clean, and won't fade or crack because of the thick 24 mil, multi layer anti-UV treated material composition.

Click to order Tower Snow White CoolTarp to increase backside plant growth.
Larger sizes available in drop-down.

Snow White CoolTarp Standard or bulk pricing

Tower Garden directions suggest turning the tower base occasionally to increase sun coverage on the shady side plants, but installing Snow White CoolTarp on the north side of the Tower, shown in the right photo, eliminates the need for adjustment. It can be secured to a wall or tall trellis about 2-3 feet from the tower on the north side of your tower. Our Tower Greenhouse frame, shown above, is another excellent way to secure it.

It can also be used as a wind block, but should be situated far enough away from the tower to prevent shading the plant if it's not on the north side. A better option is to use Thermal Barrier Fabric. Optional removable pressure grommets are available on the CoolTarp web page order links.

Keep tank water cooler -

On the warmest days, it's important to keep the tank water temperature below 90 degrees F or the plant roots will slow down or stop water and nutrient transpiration (natural pumping) to the plant above, causing drooping and possible damage. Wrapping the water tank with a durable reflective material like our 97% reflective SolaReflex Foil will reflect away nearly all of the direct sun's heat energy and absorbed radiated heat from the ground. It's installed on the bottom of the Tower Garden shown in the right photo.

Click here to order $14 reflective Tower SolaReflex Foil Wrap
for your Tower Garden Water Tank

Water stores both hot and cold temperatures really well because of it's high density, so cooler night temperatures are absorbed by the water, and when the sun's heat is prevented from touching the tank surface, water temperatures will stay much cooler longer.

SolaReflex Foil is one of the most reflective materials made and is very strong and weatherproof for years of use. It is available in a custom 12" by 7' size, so it is just the right size to secure it to the water tank in only minutes.

Another method of water temperature regulation is to dig a 10" hole in the ground and place the water tank in it so at least 4" of upper tank is visible. The cooler temperature below the ground keeps the water cooler since only a small amount of sunlight will fall on the tank. Adding SolaReflex Foil stops nearly all solar heat gain to the tank.

Relocate your Tower and plants with ease using the Tower Transporter

Transporting a Tower Garden to another location, like to a demonstration, when it is loaded with plants has been a challenge for Tower Gardeners because of extended root systems that can pass through multiple plant sections and because of plants with long stems and those loaded with veggies could break or fall off. Plus, the weight of a full Tower Garden water tank is over 200 pounds, so water needs to be drained and re-filled every time it is moved.

Here is an easy way to grow a variety of plants in place and transport your "show Tower" with minimal effort. This specially designed 5 gallon plant growing and transporting container is food-safe, very durable and has our highly reflective SolaReflex Foil wrapped around the base to prevent solar overheating the water on hot days.

It also comes with a highly efficient solar or battery DC powered pump and solar electric panel that will keep water flowing on sunny and partly cloudy days outdoors, or indoors with a battery or plug-in power supply.

The time-consuming need to carefully extract each plant from the planting ports without damaging the roots or stems, then place in a container with water before completely breaking down the Tower will be eliminated by using the Tower Transporter from ClearDome Solar Thermal. A PayPal order link will be added to this page in coming weeks to place your order.

It is a non-toxic, food safe black plastic container with a splash-resistant lid that will hold two connected Tower plant sections loaded with small to medium size plants. Up to eight plants will fit into the Transporter at a time, using your own Tower plant sections. Most cars or trucks have enough seat head room to fit even well-grown plants. We suggest using smaller plants, if possible, to reduce the chance of damage. Use a second Transporter for additional plant sections

About 2-3 gallons of Tower Tonic nutrient-rich water should be added to lower the center of gravity and reduce the chance of tipping when being moved in a vehicle. You can order Tower Extension kits from your Tower Garden order page, then grow plants in them to transport, or disassemble four of the Tower Garden plant sections from your own Tower with plants and insert two of them in each Transporter. The lid and top shower cap cover can come from your own tower or can be ordered from distributor support.

Transporters with plants can be hand carried to the seat or floor of your car or truck. Seat belts or straps should then be wrapped around the container, to make it secure and help hold it in place while the vehicle is moving, much like a human passenger.

As an added bonus, you can also grow many types of large vines or bushy type plants in it that you might not want to grow in your full-size Tower because they get too large and block sunlight from other plants or need more space to grow, such as melons, tomatoes, cucumbers or medicinal pot, as shown in the right photo in a recent growing test using Tower Tonic plant nutrients. It compared growing speed and size with our new Veggie Garden2go hydroponic growing system after only one month of growing in a controlled greenhouse situation.

As you can see, Aeroponic Tower Garden-style growing is faster, with larger plants. Over two dozen states allow growing your own medicinal marijuana at home, but check local laws for your area if you plan to grow your own.

Plants should be ok for at least an hour or more without water circulation. For longer trips, or on hot days, the water pump should be on to keep the roots moist.

One you arrive at the destination, unload the plants and carefully re-attach your Tower Garden sections on to the full size unit. If you leave the bottom plant section free of plants for a demonstration, it's much easier to show how the water falls through the sections, and it sounds like a waterfall. Only 5-7 gallons of water is needed in the tank for good circulation, or you can place the Transporter inside the tank below the tower to catch the flowing water.

For questions, please contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor and product designer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call 619/990-7977.

Most Towergardeners already know how important it is to grow food and medicinal herb plants with the purest, natural Tower Tonic dissolved minerals for the most nutritious, best tasting and safest food. Ultra Purity in drinking water is just as important for the safest, best-tasting water possible, but the only way to be assured of that purity is by distilling the water using the highest quality home still made, the H2O Labs Countertop Distiller.

H2o Labs countertop ultra pure water distiller
We have recently become an affiliate of H2O Labs, the leading manufacturer of a full line of ultra pure home and commercial size drinking water distillers, including the top-rated Model 300 SS Desktop Home Distiller, shown above. Please click on the ad below for more details and to order.

It purifies most foul water, including ocean or lake water, into delicious, sweet tasting drinking water that tastes as good as solar distilled water. It's much faster than solar still, as it can distill a gallon of pure drinking water in only 5-6 hours, or four gallons in a 24 hour day. The 300 SS is ideal for everyday use at home or work, and for most emergency situations where safe drinking water is not available. If you live near the ocean, it will completely eliminate salt and other impurities in sea water (over 35,000 ppm) just like evaporation forms in clouds and falls back to earth as rain. Prices start in the low $200's.

Power your Tower with our two new Solar Pump Kits -

When the wall, or grid power fails, the 110 volt pump in your Tower Garden shuts down and will not restart until power returns. Normally plants require water circulation a minimum of 15 minutes at least once an hour on sunny days to prevent possible wilting or damage, so our Tower Solar Pump Kits can reduce or eliminate the chance of power outage plant damage and become a reliable daytime water circulation power source, even on overcast days.

Our simple Solar backup Pump Kit (right photo) is easy to set up, very affordable at $149, and requires no battery or inverter--only direct sunlight--to keep a high efficiency, low power DC pump running when it is sunny or partly cloudy. It operates independent of the standard AC pump.

Just unscrew the blue flexible water tube from the AC pump and screw it into our solar DC pump, place it back in the water, then connect the power cord to the solar electric panel and point it at the sun (in summer it can lay flat on the ground). The water will flow instantly through the tower as long as there is enough sunlight. Since this is temporary backup, a timer is not needed. It can be set in front of the Tower.

At night and on many heavy overcast days, the roots tend to stay moist with no water circulation if it's not too windy or hot. If possible, one or two manual waterings every hour or two in the day are usually enough to keep them happy if the pump is not running. For continuous healthy plant growth even on overcast days and night, the timed on/off pumping cycle with the Offgrid Solar Pump Kit is best.

The Off Grid Solar Pump Kit (tall photo on left) is compact, at less than 2' across, lightweight at about 11 pounds, and self contained. If your Tower normally receives all day sun, this pump kit will work full time without being connected to wall power. It costs only $249 plus shipping.

The battery, a compact solar charge controller, and DC programmable timer are all connected together and enclosed inside a water resistant housing that is connected to the back side of the highly efficient 20 watt PV panel. A 15' power line extends from the housing, and that timed power line is what turns your DC pump on and off to circulate the Tower water and nutrients day and night. The screw-on pump connection is the same for both pump kits.

A second short waterproof connector from the housing can be used for connecting a larger optional backup battery for extended cloudy days, or could be used to charge your cell phone, or Ipad-type computer while you are using it, when not connected to the tower pump. You will find that it is an excellent power backup for day or night use. The internal gell cell battery is powerful enough to power your Tower Garden pump indoors all day with no sun shining on the panel.

Powering the standard AC pump that comes with your Tower Garden when running on solar energy requires a power inverter to convert the DC power from the battery to AC wall power, and that, including an AC timer, uses much more energy and requires a waterproof enclosure, a much larger PV panel and battery. The inverter and a timer will continuously slowly drain the battery at night or on overcast days when the sun power is low. Our simple and highly efficient DC-only design does not drain power until the pump turns on, but if is in full sun the panel will still add a trickle charge the battery when the pump is running.

Both Solar Pump kits are easy to set up, but you will need a south facing sunny, partly cloudy or a light overcast day for it to work properly. The Offgrid Pump Kit panel can be placed in front of the Tower on the ground, or mounted above the Tower on a pole, or as is show in the photo, on a roof trim board, a wall where ever you get the most direct sunlight. It can run for two dark overcast days before a larger optional backup battery needs to be connected.

For questions, please contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor and product designer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call 619/990-7977.

More new Tower Garden add-ons are being developed and we encourage ideas for other products that can make yours even better.

To order your own Tower Garden, please click here, and to answer questions regarding Tower Garden distributor information or for more details on current availability of any of the products above, please contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call 619/990-7977.

For Juice Plus+ products and distributor information call Sky Jeannette at 858/677-0707, or email her at: sky4health@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about the next best thing to fruits and veggies at her Juice Plus+ home page click here: Sky4health.com.

To learn more about our many other unique solar thermal products available from ClearDome Solar Thermal click on these product links:

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